PCF Gateway Trust

Teams and Volunteers

Every year, volunteers come from all over the world to assist at Project Gateway, bringing their expertise, enthusiasm and willingness to serve. Some come as individuals, others as teams. They may stay for as little as two weeks, or for many years!

Most teams that visit help out with practical work on site which generally includes ground clearance, painting or gardening. Staff involved in projects are kept busy serving the poor, the sick and the vulnerable, and do not have time for routine maintenance, so it is a huge blessing to them that volunteers and teams are able to assist in maintaining the site.

Team at work

Teams also have the opportunity to get involved in the local community. Normally a work project is organised out in the community - building a fence, digging a community garden, or perhaps painting one or the rural creches.

Project Gateway benefits twofold from teams visiting - not only do they receive assistance with practical tasks, but teams contribute financially for their accommodation, which means that Project Gateway is able to be more self sufficient. 

If you would like to be part of a team, or would like to 
bring a team to Project Gateway, please contact us


Please see Project Gateway's website for further information:  www.projectgateway.co.za